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This driver was on the M6 Near Knutsford, driving along whilst talking on one phone and texting on the other, at the same time, as well as driving of course.

The traffic commissioner has the ability and power to remove this drivers vocational licence, and Accessible Ltd believes it should do so on the basis that this driver has put multiple people at risk of serious injury.

He is clearly not in full control of his vehicle, whilst talking and texting at the same time, and i think he has got off lightly with 3 points and a £100 fine.

If he has so many things going on in his life, that requires sorting out with 2 phones simultaneously, then he should not be driving.


It is only recently, that a 26yr old truck driver has been sentenced to 6 yrs Jail, for killing a police officer whilst opening a text on his phone whilst driving, surely this should make every professional driver stop and think , its not worth the risk.

The New system is being introduced early next year with fines of £200 and 6 points for mobile phone use at the wheel, will it stop it ? or reduce it? I hope so, but I think NOT.


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