Government confirms no plans to reverse Driver CPC Legislation

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The government has confirmed it has no plans to reverse the Driver CPC legislation, and that periodic training is continuous and must be undertaken during the five-year period which starts when each Driver CPC card is issued.

If Driver CPC legislation is amended, it is more likely to be an end to the policy of making the training attendance only, and they may introduce basic testing to ensure the training has been absorbed, for example all construction workers have to under go a touch screen test and pass every 5 years, prior to them being able to enter and work on a construction site, and something very similar could be introduced for the transport industry.  At the moment, we have candidates who can speak very little English being ‘trained’, and therefor do not understand fully the elements of the training, but there’s nothing we can do about it, and this clearly needs to be addressed.

 source: Transport Operator

Here at accessible Ltd, it has not been unknown before now to use google translator to overcome the language barrier or to even book and pay for a translator (for a small additional cost per day), as the important factor in this is for the drivers to understand and increase their knowledge and safety.

We will wait to see how brexit progresses and what effect if any, it has on the road transport industry, in regard to Driver CPC.

Should you like to discuss any Driver Cpc training requirements you may have then please feel free to call or request a callback from our website

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