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The Governments body DVSA, has confirmed that any teacher that drives the school minibus, which is over 3.5t in weight will be required, to undertake and complete Driver CPC periodic training.

Historically school minibuses and their teacher drivers were exempt under the interpretation of the “Hire & Reward” rule, however our understanding of the matter is due to the re-evaluation of the European directive, which states exemptions are only applicable, if the vehicle is used for personnel use, of which school minibuses do not fall into this category.
The date by which minibus drivers requiring completion of their Driver Cpc periodic training, was back in September last year, therefore technically, any school teacher driving the school minibus currently, without a current DQC card, which you only receive upon completion of the 35hrs of periodic training, is driving illegally, and would be eligible for prosecution, as would the school, for allowing the teacher to drive without a current Driver Cpc.

There has already been a prosecution by the DVSA this year,to a company that was fined substantially for allowing the driver to drive without Driver CPC complience and the driver also was fined individually.

Accessible Ltd specialise in Driver CPC for minibuses, with course content thats more relevent to the minibus driver, rather than the large truck and bus syllabus that is generally being delivered all over the country, we are the only Driver CPC approved training centre in the uk that specialises in minibus.
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