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Tailgating enforcement ?

The Highways Agency (HA) is trialing equipment that can automatically detect the offence of tailgating. Last year the government made careless driving, which includes tailgating, a fixed penalty offence, however there has been little enforcement to date. The HA is now looking at changing all that, with the evaluation of equipment to enable detection of

Bus driver has licence suspended

A bus driver has been  filmed using a mobile phone whilst driving, resulting in a suspension of his vocational licence for 21 days, by Deputy Traffic Commissioner (DTC) for North East England Elizabeth Perrett. The driver from Sheffield, was named as Jonathan Frost, of Greystones Road, who was called to a conduct hearing after his

DVSA’S Driver CPC Prosecution update

  The Dvsa has published information, via the Driver Cpc stakeholder group, with regard to the current level of prosecutions since the the deadline. There are 827,000 drivers,  involved in the Driver CPC process, of which 83% had aquired rights and a little under 10% were new drivers that had their CPC through Modules 2

Driver CPC Deadline Enforcement

The Dvsa (Driver & Vehicle Standards Authority) has announced how it will initially deal with the enforcement of Driver CPC. Drivers who have failed to comply with their legal requirement to complete the 35 hours of periodic training will initially only face a fixed penalty of £50, however further refusal to comply with the directive

DVSA and JAUPT Quality Assurance & Compliance Report for DCPC 2013/14.

Unannounced Course audits deter shorter training periods of less than seven hours and non-compliant training and allows potential fraud to be identified. JAUPT carried out 462 audits of training centres, and 1,005 audits of courses in the last 12 monthly period with Serious non-compliance referred to the DVSA to investigate, which resulted in 135 investigations

Driver CPC warning – Rooney ready to score

North East traffic commissioner (TC) Kevin Rooney said he had curtailed an operator’s licence from 22 to 11 trucks for two weeks so the drivers could be taken off the road and get their training.“At a public inquiry three weeks ago, the transport manager had done nothing on Driver CPC, so I curtailed the licence

Teacher Driver CPC Twist Update

Well, you may be aware, that on my previous blogs, I have highlighted with official documentation, that the DVSA had now re-interpreted the european directive commonly known as driver cpc, to include the teaching fraternity, who drive the school minibuses. The directive clearly states that exemptions are valid if the vehicle is not used for

Driver CPC Prosecutions update 2014

This is potentially the tailback caused when DVSA start checking Drivers for their DQC, on the 10th September? Maybe or maybe not? The head of Driver CPC at the DVSA has recently announced statistics at the CPT last week regarding Driver CPC prosecutions. This year alone there have been 33 cases, of which 8 are

Accessible Ltd with Pride

Fantastic news, as Accessible Ltd proudly announces it’s partnership with the UK’s No.1 Driver CPC training company. Accessible ltd are partnered with Pride training uk Ltd, as an active member of the pride driver cpc training consortium, which means to the end user, that high quality driver cpc training is now available across the uk,

DVSA clarify NO exemption for Teachers

The Governments body DVSA, has confirmed that any teacher that drives the school minibus, which is over 3.5t in weight will be required, to undertake and complete Driver CPC periodic training. Historically school minibuses and their teacher drivers were exempt under the interpretation of the “Hire & Reward” rule, however our understanding of the matter

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