Driver CPC warning – Rooney ready to score

North East traffic commissioner (TC) Kevin Rooney said he had curtailed an operator’s licence from 22 to 11 trucks for two weeks so the drivers could be taken off the road and get their training.“At a public inquiry three weeks ago, the transport manager had done nothing on Driver CPC, so I curtailed the licence and disqualified the transport manager indefinitely,” said Rooney. “The lack of training had led to the drivers’ hours infringements.”
“It is unacceptable for transport managers to expect drivers to do the Driver CPC training in their own time” said Rooney
More recently a transport manager has lost his repute indefinitely for failing to make sure that his drivers had started their Driver CPC training, which the TC believes is the cause of multiple driver infringements.
Last year, 127 transport managers lost their repute and 16 had their competence withdrawn, effectively disqualifying them from working as a transport manager, until they had fulfilled the conditions imposed by the TC or in the worst cases indefinitely.
source: Commercial Motor

What this means is that if you have not started your drivers on the road of CPC periodic training by now, you are heading towards a potential financial black hole and leave yourself wide open to prosecution, and be assured if you are the first prosecution,the whole of the industry will know about it, because the TC’s, and the DVSA will shout it from the rooftops.
If you are currently working towards your qualification, then ensure you have solid written evidence, in order to alleviate any further investigations or possible prosecutions.
if you haven’t done anything, then give us a call QUICKLY

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